Do People Ask You For Money?

United States
May 26, 2009 2:31pm CST
If you live in the city or near a college campus, you have probably had people ask you for change. But have you had someone ask you for gas money at the gas station? I have had the same woman ask me twice for gas money (at different gas stations), blaming the empty tank on her teenager twins. I gave her a couple of dollars the first time, and a couple quarters the second (I really didn't have any money on me). As much as I would like to believe her story, I really don't. I would love to ask her how her twins are the next time she hits me up for money. Have you had strangers ask you for money? What happened?
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26 May 09
WOW! I cant even believe the audacity of people to just be asking for money at the gas station! If you cant afford gas, you probably shouldnt be letting your twins drive the car! I have never had anyone ask me for money at a place like that. I think we have had beggars ask for money. I think we have all seen street muscians or magicians trying to get some extra money. But it really takes a lot of nerve to ask a stranger to pay for something for you! I think I would simply say 'sorry I dont haave any cash' That is almost always true anyway!
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19 Jun 09
I usually don't have any cash either! I hate to say it, but I don't think this woman had any twins at all, and if she did, they were probably too young to drive. She didn't look old enough to have kids that age. Thanks for posting!