Comfort food.

May 26, 2009 3:24pm CST
I think everyone use food at some point to make her/himself feel better,i know mine is sweets,chocolate would probably be #1.If i'm having a really terrible day than i need greasy food like Wendy's chicken and frieds....Mmmmm!I don't eat food like that very often,i think i crave it only when i feel donw or my day is making me miserable.How about you,what kind the food make you feel better?
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@thea09 (18313)
• Greece
18 Jun 09
I always think of a big bowl of creamy mashed potato as comfort food, it's a winter thing for when the rain is pounding down and the wind is blowing hard. The other one would be dumplings, same kind of thing and definitely a winter staple.
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
Like you, I love chocolate. But the chocolate I like is expensive, so I satisfy myself with French Fries. When you're hungry from school or late errands, I guess fastfood is the best comfort food there is. I also like Wendy's! I like their salad and burgers. Really great. :)
@russso (1699)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
Mine would be this Seafood Bowl in my favorite Vietnamese Resto. There's something with the soup / broth. It has this refreshing effect when you eat it. It may be the herbs that they put. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the seafood. So when I am terribly stressed, I always have a Seafood Bowl. After that, I'm recharged and I feel like I can take on anything.
30 May 09
this sounds wierd, but my comfort food is fish fingers, mashed potato and peas. Its what my mum used to make for me when i was a kid and i had a cold, so i still love it now. When i'm in a bad mood, its the meal that i crave so i always make it. wonderful!
@rrdj71 (696)
• United States
26 May 09
CHOCOLATE!!! Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream. I also LOVE sweets but sometimes I crave salty like potato chips and such.