Have you ever heard of Gripe Water

gripe water - this stuff works for hiccups
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May 27, 2009 12:12am CST
Has anyone ever heard of gripe water? Its a wonderful product that is pediatrician recommended for hiccups. My newborn has cronic hiccups and this is the only thing that actually works. Ya I could have the baby suck on his pacifier but he is not a pacifier kinda guy. He usually never wants that thing. I hate to see him sit there and suffer. Eventually his stomach hurts because of all the contracting going on. Many foreigners can tell you about gripe water though. It works in 5 min or less. It is safe and better than giving the baby water like some folks say to do. Giving babys water is bad, it can give them seizures. That is why they say dont do it. When i say babies i mean 3 months old and younger. I found this gripe water at a rite aid. I am sure any pharmacy carries it you just have to ask.
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@smileonstar (4008)
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27 May 09
HI, I have 2 children and I raise them myself. well, it is not too bad to give a baby a little water after each meal (milk)... give him/her some water after is to clear his/her throat so he/she won't hiccups. I know what gripe water is but my baby never want to taste of that at all... she loves apple juice or regular water better. Did you try to pad him after he takes milk? sometimes too much milk and it could cause hiccups too. My first baby never suck on pacifier, but my second daughter loves it so much. She used to cry every evening cuz of her colic and hiccups... but after I pad her and give her some water every time she done with milk, then everything change. she stopped cry and she never has hiccups until now. :)
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