love and marriage?

May 27, 2009 1:36am CST
why is it that all the happiness & joyful feeling is gone when the two lovers marry?
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• Philippines
27 May 09
Because this is where the true personality comes in. Commitment and sacrifices must take place. Also, lots of responsibilities to do . Unlike having relationship, you both are enjoying yourself living separate ways while having meeting to share. You know ,it is not easy. Only very few people who are serious stay the same way.
@ilawise26 (191)
• India
27 May 09
Hi niceguyamit Welcome to Mylot!!! Does this question relate to your real-life experience or you heard this from someone??? As far as i know and think, marriage doesn't kill the romance between 2 lovers. It depends on the people. If you think a licensed relationship weighs you down with responsibilities , you are only trying to escape the concept of marriage. When two lovers marry, they have to become a bit more responsible as now they are also associated with the family of the better half. Their duties increase.If you see this as a burden, you are not going to like yourself getting into a wedlock. But instead if you start enjoying the new relations, you will enjoy the married life. Also,when two lovers marry, they suddenly realize they have to care for each other 24x7 and share the duties. If they view this as a burden, again, they won't enjoy marriage. On the other hand ,if you are someone who is prepared to get along with the new relations ,do you duties without considering them as burden but life, you will the person who will continue the romantic life even after your marriage. Marriage is about selfless love . Not just for the person,but also for his/her family. Two responsible lovers can never be disappointed with married life! Happy mylotting.!