Do you browse a lot on the internet?

@cudamani (996)
May 27, 2009 1:42am CST
I like to browse a lot on the internet. It has become a kind of habit for me. I should say that it has almost become an indispensible habit for me of late. I do not know why? Is it difficult to get over this habit? Do you also browse a lot on the internet?
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@getitok (278)
• China
6 Jun 09
Browsing net is necessary for my life and working, and I think it is necessary for many many people. So don't try to get over this habit.
• India
27 May 09
Yea i like browing.I will browse a lot in the internet..As a student internet is necesary for me..I will gather more information through the internet and i will study..We can find any thing in the internet and also we can share our doudts in the internet and we will get the correct solution..And also i like chating with my friend..I have an orkut account and also i have more friends there..I browse orkut daily..And also i will check mails in the yahoo and gmail daily..I like browing intenet..happy mylotting..have a nice day..
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
27 May 09
Hi there Cudamani! I love browsing on the internet too. I used to spend eight hours online just on mylot alone. But that was before I went back to college but when I did, I only spend about an average of two hours per day on the internet. Now is our summer vacation that's why I have time to be online and now I am addicted to Facebook and also is catching up in posting here in mylot to replenish my paypal account.