Does Face Book make you lazy?

May 27, 2009 4:51am CST
Face Book now day like a mushroom in everywhere, everyone will spend their time to communicate with other people all over the world by using FB, on the hand what we can do not only communicate, but sharing pics, sharing experiences and so on. If we start to open FB perhaps it will spent hours in front of the computers sometimes make us alzy to do other things, because we always eager waiting the respons from other peoplel that we invite to communicate. so how many hours we spent time to open FB, and does this activity make us lazy?
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@flaredust (728)
• Indonesia
27 May 09
I don't agree with that. Facebook actually increasing people spirit usually at office. For me facebook is more like a coffee for me. When I've stuck and get bored on work what I really need is changing my attention to some else fresh. So I open FB, just for couple of minutes. After refreshing I could back at my work with new spirit. So I think opposite from what you said before, FB have more positive side especially for me.
@siZidni (1860)
• Indonesia
28 May 09
da rusdy i noticed that you posted 2 topics which are almost the same. i am afraid you broke the terms of mylot. well let's hope you will not be banned by the admin. FB, this is really interesting, but i see more and more people are addicted with this. that's why my office banned FB since last 2 weeks.