How much is your life cost???

@jlovetin (150)
May 27, 2009 5:54am CST
If someone is going to price your life,,How much would you price it??a hundred dollars? a thousand or a hundred thousands or maybe a million???well i don't know but if your going to ask me i'll say that it cost more than that..wanna know why?cause someone already owns me now..its JESUS..from the time i accept Him,,my life worth's more than any digits...:).So if you want to raise the value of your life.try to accept Him to and let Him invade your life..:)
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• Portugal
27 May 09
oh brother... this could be such an interesting topic and you had to wreck it by bringing religion into it... no offense i respect people's religious beliefs and i'm quite sure jesus was a great man, but please stop forcing religion down people's throats! we are happy being spiritual and not religious, or being plane atheists. if religion works and you believe that's wonderful, i'm happy for you. but we have a choice not to be religious and we made it. enough now!