United States
May 27, 2009 7:30am CST
Do you think vampires are real? And why do you think they are? If you don't think they are real. How did they ever come up with the idea of vampires? Maybe because of bats. Immortality or the dead coming back to life. You ever read that in the bible? You ever think that is where they got it from? What is your opinion?
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• Philippines
27 May 09
I don't think vampires are real. Maybe they are real but not the same as we can see in the movies. I watched from the paranormal discovery in tv that vampires do exist but not we can see in the movies. I forgot the exact title of the show. They can show up in any day even daytime but they don't act like normal people do. For me, if they are existed, it must be shown in tv and let others know. but I think they hide it because people might scare. So, I doubt there are existed.