I started reading Hamlet

May 27, 2009 7:36am CST
The book is of 200 pages (Abbrevated) . I just started reading it . It's gonna take a long time . My Mother told me to read it during the summer break . Is it worth the time ?
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• New Zealand
20 Aug 09
I think Hamlet is a good play to read - although to be honest it would not be my choice as the FIRST Shakespeare play to read as it is the longest and it's also not as action-packed as some of the others. I would recommend starting with MacBeth, or As you like it, Romeo and Juliet, or Julius Caesar first as these all have a lot of action to keep you interested and tend to be a little easier to understand. On the other hand - since you have started Hamlet already here are a few things that you can think about while you read it to make it easier and more interesting for you: - is Hamlet really becoming insane or is he just pretending to be? what's the difference? - is it really the ghost of his father that speaks to him, or is it some trick (either by a person or a demon)? - why does Hamlet take so long to actually do anything about his problem (why does he spend so long talking about it first)? - What are some of the mistakes that Hamlet and other characters make in the play and what should they have done differently? OK - have fun, it's a great story. There are also 30+ other great stories of Shakespeare's to choose from that deal with a whole range of different characters and topics when you finish.
@marguicha (173016)
• Chile
20 Jul 09
Hamlet is absolutly worth reading. And I asume you are a young person so the book is going to teach you a lot of things about yourself too. What is so interesing about Hamlet is his lack of decision to face life. This is very usual in our times and makes the play very modern.
@rymebristol (1787)
• Philippines
27 May 09
hell yes!..it's one of the classical books of all time. we had already studied it when i was in my first year in college, though it was hard, we were able to finish it. we even my it into a play. i just can't remember what was the scene or part of the book we portrayed Hamlet.