Cruel tricks played by a grieving mind

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May 27, 2009 9:45am CST
Many of my mylot friends are aware that last week I lost two of my very good friends within a few days of eachother, my beloved dog Maggie and her best friend Box the cat. It has been a sad time here, and my mind is playing tricks on me which twist the dagger through my heart even more. After so many years in my family, Maggie and Box were such fixtures in our home that everything seems so WRONG without them here! In the middle of the night I get up to use the bathroom or tend to the kids and I still find myself walking around the spot where Maggie normally slept so as not to step on her even though she is no longer there. And I feel the pain of her loss anew. During the day I can swear I see her out of the corner of my eye smiling the way she used to, but alas, I turn my head and of course she isn't here. She also had her own special bark, easily distinguished from any other dog's bark, and I swear I just heard her barking outside my door beckoning me to let her in, but of course, she wasn't there. It's the same with the cat, I could swear I see him relaxing in all his customary spots, but he isn't there, I think I hear his special meow, but I'm just imagining things. I miss them. we have two other dogs and six other cats, but there is still a void that only Maggie and Box could fill. The other animals feel it too, they are sad and mopey and not eating much at all. I wonder if they are seeing and hearing things too? Have you ever attended the funeral of a loved one, and even though you know better, the body of the departed still appears to be breathing in that coffin? Have you ever lost your freaking mind? Were you able to find it again, or are you still hoping somebody will bring it back to you? Did you put up "missing" flyers?
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@hoghoney (3749)
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28 May 09
I am so sorry to hear about Maggie and Box hun...I am sending you some big hugs..I had a cat one time that I had to have her put to sleep and I swear that she was still in the house at times...but you know me I lost my mind along time ago..maybe they will find each other....Love you babe.
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28 May 09
Thank you so much for your kind words and hugs! Love you too!