Life after Death- Truth or False? What do u Say??

May 27, 2009 10:04am CST
Hi friends, We all know that we have to die, have we thought what happens next? Is there any life after death. Many different people say many things about it. In Hinduism, it is believed that a person is this body made of soil but is a soul which never dies, only changes one body to another. So in that way we will get another life after this life. What do u think in this context??
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• Thailand
1 Jun 09
Who knows? I don't and anyone that tells you that they do is lying to you. The whole structure of organized religion, with one exception, is built around giving an answer to this question but in the end all they manage to do is construct myths. You are only sure of this one life that you have. Don't be mislead into living it as a compromise so that you will have a better life in some imaginary afterlife. This life is it, live it to the fullest.