lil wayne the best rapper alive or not ?

May 27, 2009 11:32am CST
dwayne carter a.k.a lil wayne,probably the most successful rapper ever since late rapper tupac ,jus giv him a beat and he'll start rhyming like a nursery rhyme !,the ability of him to think so fast and search for the word that rhymes fast is really remarkable,i say remarkable because a lot of rappers can't do what he can do.But sometimes he just looses it on a track and just talking about things that make you say "what ?" and that sometimes makes me wonder ? is lil wayne the best rapper alive or not ?
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3 Sep 09
I love lil wayne he sexy and i think he came a long way since when he first started. When he was with juvenile and the rest of them hot boys i really did not like him i thought this guy really sucks i mean what the hell is he saying anyway but now i must say i was totally wrong i do think he is one of the best rappers alive right now. He is the hottest and even when he looses it on his track he still makes it sound so good instead of saying wtf i end up singing or rapping along to the nonesense.
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17 Jul 09
Jay-Z is the best rapper alive. No questions asked. It took Lil Wayne 5 albums to get hott. And it wasn't even until the mixtape DJ's put his stuff out there that people got on to it. Jay-Z has been hott since his Reasonable Doubt. To say Wayne is a more successful rapper in rediculous. Top of the Forbes chart baby. HOVA
• United States
27 May 09
Not even close. I would answer yes if it was Lil Wayne The Most Overrated Rapper Alive. There are plenty of rappers that are better than him and some of them are Eminem, Jay-Z and Cassidy. Yeah Cassidy may not have sold a million records but everything he spits is fire. Lil Wayne can't even come close to what Cassidy says in his rhymes on his mixtapes and freestyles. No one appointed Lil Wayne Greatest Rapper Alive he did that himself, he needs to be careful because he could overdose from how much promethazine he drinks.
@dooberj (13)
• United States
11 Jun 09
lil wayne is the best rapper cause he is different from other rappers, most lyical
• United States
10 Jun 09
lil wayne is definitely not the best rapper alive first off if i had to choose it would be project pat. most people judge him because of a few songs but hes got the most flow out of anyone. Lil wayne has good metaphors