If ur ex girl friend meets your wife-- how would u handle it???

May 27, 2009 1:40pm CST
One fine day u and ur wife go out to watch a movie, what if u meet ur girl friend at the same place. Would you introduce ur wife to her or will u avoid the situation. What if u meet ur exgirl friend with her husband and a small kid--how will u face it? Will u be jealous?Will u avoid her??
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• United States
27 May 09
I think the past is the past so it wouldn't really matter. I might say a casual hi walking by them or something. If they came up to me I would be polite and introduce my hubby. Asked how they were doing and all that nice polite conversation but I would leave it at that I think. No need to pretend not to see them because I wouldn't really care.
• India
27 May 09
good opinion. i love that.
@enruschew (247)
• Malaysia
27 May 09
I will surely avoid from her! No matter how she is nowadays,married or has a kid......I won't jealous of course.I just scare that my wife will jealous and asking me this and that! Oh Gosh,she must be asking me about my past and what I had done for her!