Electronic Cigarettes

@kassdaw (592)
United States
May 27, 2009 2:12pm CST
For those of you that have to leave your computer to get your nicotine fix, those of you who smoke but work indoors, those of you with children, Electronic Cigarettes are awesome. They can be used anywhere, anytime, as often as you want. All you do is inhale like with a normal cigarette. There are no additives or extra chemicals. You get nicotine and flavor (if you want it). All you get in the start up packages is a battery, charger, cartridges, atomizer, and a box or pack. You charge the battery and screw it onto the atomizer, snap on the cartridge and you are good to go. There is no need for lighters or ash trays. No smoke, so you can use it anywhere: public transportation, tobacco free zones, work, home, airplanes, cars, anywhere. If this interests you check out http://stillsmoking.tk for more information that I missed. So myLot, what are your thoughts?
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