How do I explain war to me children?

United States
May 27, 2009 5:40pm CST
It just seems like everywhere war is escalating and my daughters saw some of the chaos after seeing the aftermath of a bomb in Pakistan any asked me why there were dead people. I really do not support war and its just hard for me to come with any explanation because I just disagree with it but I'd like to know how other families dealt with it. When I was growing up my father never discussed the Desert War with us but he always put yellow bows at the end of our driveway and that was that. My father was retired airforce but he never gave us his opinions about it, is this best? I wonder how families that have service members employed right now deal with it. I just feel like it confuses my children because everything around them is flowers, on TV cartoons everyone gets along and if they fight then they make up-- Do you think its better for teenagers?
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@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
27 May 09
This really depends on the age of your children. It seems from what you are saying that they are kind of young. For my five year olds I simply tell them the following. That there are men, like daddy's, that are in charge of our country, where we live and they make decisions that they believe will keep us safe. In fact it is their job to keep us safe. Sometimes in order to keep us safe and keep it to where we can live here we have to send our soldiers to fight for us to be safe. It is when men can not come to an agreement about how things should be, plus there are some bad people in the world, far, far away. And by going to war we can keep them from coming closer to us. Not sure if that will help. Good luck