What is maximum a person can earn?

May 27, 2009 11:16pm CST
Friends, i have a question in my mind. What is maximum a person can earn in ciao in a month. I mean to ask, how much ever he earns but what is maximum he can request the amount in his paypal acc. Like if requested $50 a month, is safe. This is just for my knowledge and i am not talking about myself. I hope i also could earn $50 a month. however i hope you guys have some idea of how much one can earn safely without been blocked.
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@anonymili (3138)
1 Jun 09
I don't think YOU will be earning anything from Ciao, so your question really doesn't warrant an answer here. Copiers don't get paid over there. It might look like you have money accumulated but they do not make any payouts until they've checked all abuse reports and as I personally have reported you for posting copied reviews, don't hold your breath for any payment :)
• India
2 Jun 09
lol. i dont remember which review was copied. seems u are doing wat ciao is afraid of "revenge ratings". anyways. enjoy
@anonymili (3138)
2 Jun 09
I love the way the thieves on Ciao pretend to be so innocent. You "wrote" a review on Twitter which was then product of the week and pretty much two thirds of it was copied from other sources. Because of cheats like you the Product of the Week has been stopped as you will see from the Ciao announcements page, you can sit here and pretend to be very innocent but I have no reason to revenge rate you as I've never come across you on my reviews. It's also because of people like YOU that whole countries were banned from the site. Enjoy your time there, you won't be around much longer, I can guarantee that :)
• India
19 Jun 09
cheers...lets all enjoy as it closes on july 1st. hats of too you and your research on what is copied and what is not. thanks for the comments and talking on the topic of the post here in mylot. happy mylotting.
• Australia
28 May 09
im unsure on ciao i gave up on it as the surveys kept saying i wasnt what they where looking for and stuff, after i had completed the whole survey and after doing 54 surveys and seeing my total was only a mere 3c i gave up on it. so if your getting good money your lucky for me its finished