How To Treat The Fake Site

@sujaysen (594)
May 28, 2009 1:07am CST
There are thousands of fake online earning sites available today. People like me work hard using there valuable time and efforts for month after month, and at last they get zero amount from that site. Those sites neither have any contact address nor give any reply from their contact boxes. people passes day by day with a great hope to fulfill their dreams. I myself have worked several months for and when I reached their minimum payout and claimed my dues for redemption, that websites shows that my payable due balance is credited to my paypal account and deducted those balance from their website, but in paypal I found nothing. Like this so many websites are cheating lot of their members. Moreover when I contact them in their contact box for several times, they till did not gave any single reply and any clarification. So, dear friends, is there any global accessible websites which will help to defend any cheat or fake site worldwide and take any action if someone complains to them? There are so many search engines to check the comments about any websites. But that too can not believable as number of peoples in favor of them writes positive comments about that website. So the general people can not judge whichever is correct and whichever is not correct. So, there should be a globally fake & cheat defending website which will suggest, advise and take penal action against them. They should also track the IP address of such fake and cheating websites and block them. What people like me think of this idea? Please give your suggestion, feedback, advice to me and the people like me. Let us unite together to fight against this type of fraud.
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