Hypertension prevents Eating Delicious Food?

@bing28 (3797)
May 28, 2009 1:23am CST
Lechon or the roasted pig, is one famous delicious food to eat here in our country. Since it's cost is quite high, not everybody can afford to buy. You could only have a taste on it on birthdays and weddings and other special occasions. There are so many recipes made out of pork, such as Adobo, morcon, imbutido, menudo and so many others. These are all not allowed to eat if you are hypertensive. Fatty and salty foods are not allowed. I sufferred a lot, by just eating fish and vegetable and a little chicken. Eat chicken but remove it's skin. I said to myself, had I known, I will have hypertension, I had eaten much of the lechon before. So lesson to everyone, avoid getting high blood pressures or you will be deprive of eating delicious foods. Less fats and less salty foods will keep you away from hypertension.
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@angime (87)
19 Jul 09
you are not alone my friend, i'm also hypertensive at my young age runs in our family. It always comes back because sometimes i eat the don'ts pork , chocolates etc.
@bing28 (3797)
• Philippines
20 Jul 09
Hehe angime, I don't eat pork but I can't resist eating chocolates...the don'ts are so yummy...thanks for responding...