Which is the best city in the world???

May 28, 2009 8:15am CST
Hey guys, according to you which city do you think is the best?? Well i think that Rio is best city as it has beaches,nightclubs,parties and a great carnival. many of you may disagree with me, but leave your opinion, Which do you think is the best city in the world
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@hanah87 (1835)
• Malaysia
29 May 09
Well of course i choose my own country.Malaysia is the best country i know.I like to live here and have together with my family.Malaysia is a peace country in the world.Maybe you should come visit here.
@marguicha (135879)
• Chile
29 May 09
Rio is a beautiful city. I agree to that. But so much depends on what you do and what company you have to find a city specially beautiful. And there are so many different beauties that is very difficult to decide which one is the best. In South America I like Buenos Aires very much. And in North America I like Ciudad de México, San FRancisco, Washington DC and New York. The south of Spain has beautiful cities (Sevilla, Corboba, Granada)and the beautiful cities in Italy are too many to name. And, how about Paris or Viena? I can´t say whay I like best
• India
29 May 09
Yes spanish cities are definitely quaint. I've never heard of Ciudad de mexico. Wats it famous for??
@maximax8 (30109)
• United Kingdom
28 May 09
Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities on my travel wish list but I haven't been there yet. It might be the best city in the world. Two other cities that might be fantastic that I very much want to visit are Cartagena de Indies and Vancouver. The best city in the world that I have been to so far in my life is Sydney. The harbor is so beautiful with the white sails of the opera house and the gray bridge. I so loved walking around the colorful botanical gardens where I saw friendly parrots. The beaches north and south of the harbor I found really lovely.
• India
29 May 09
Yes the opera house in sydney is definitely beautiful. But did you know that the top 3 most poisonous snakes and that the most poisonous spider in the world live in Sydney. Most to mention the most poisonous fish. The reason Sydney is not in my travel list is because it sounds too dangerous
@turones (206)
• Philippines
29 May 09
for me paris france is the best city in the world. very classy city.
@pingi68 (304)
• Italy
28 May 09
for me Rome is the best city in the world. lots of monuments to visit, good foods, lots of restaurants. i love my city!! i'm proud to be born there!