Promised the skies but got nothing, are you one of them????

Scam - Have you been scammed.....don't get smart, act smart !!!!
May 28, 2009 9:10am CST
But there are so many PTC sites out there which will put such a nice picture about their site that one should definitely join their sites......but by the end of the day when its time for payout it turns out to be a damp squib..... But there are sites which are genuine but they turn bankrupt, all when you are nearing your payout..... has this happened to you ever..... With me yes, the recent one being nomincashout, when they changed their payout policy and click can really get irritating...... I have stopped doing PTC for good.......i am just too irritated.....i would rather stick to mylot and get paid......than being scammed.....
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• Malta
28 May 09
I am too angry at nomincashout. I had posted a comment in the forum and nobody answered me. My comment was very simple. Instead of paying by paypal the 1.99 to get to cash out, can I pay by the balance already in my nomincahsout balance? I mean probably they won't pay my balance, what if I pay 1.99 and they don't pay either?? Guess what though?!! Nobody from admin answered. So, yes I am sticking to my lot and to other sites that pay me.
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• India
29 May 09
Nomincashout are thieves, they made us work for them and when time come for payment.....we are thrown out and instead demand money for a cashout.......i hate such cheaters.........