Mom is happy she died in her dream

May 28, 2009 11:48am CST
My mom told me she had a dream that she saw her mother and brother. She said she was so happy because her mom was coming to get her. I mentioned that's not possible because grandma is dead and she said, "I know ! That means I'm going to die and see my mother. I'm so happy" She also told me she woke up happy that morning. It really seemed to make her genuinely happy for a couple of days. She told me about it the day after -- she's always said if you tell your dream before the next nightfall, it won't come true. She waited 24-30 hours to tell me about it. It gives me a creepy feeling. Do you believe in premonitions or is this just a dream and there's nothing to get creeped out over?
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• United States
4 Jun 09
I believe in signs and premonitions. I used to have the same dream right before I was to travel.I always get a little anxious feeling just before there is a conflict for me to solve.i think it is a great for your mom she will see her mom. But just because she had the dream doesn't mean it will happen soon.
• United States
30 May 09
I wouldn't want to die. I know she may love her mom and brother but I am sure its not her time to leave this world. If I wasn't serving God and said something like that I would creep myself out. But i can say some people if they want to die and leave the world that is there choice in Gods eyes even if it isn't there time.
@tundeemma (896)
• South Africa
29 May 09
i think older people do have premonition that they are going to heaven, i remeber when my grandmother was leaving, she told my father that she saw jesus christ in his glory and i couldnt comprehend what she was saying because i was very young that time, i do believe that they can see beyond what the living can see
@kelpie (190)
• United States
29 May 09
I believe in premonitions, because I get them. I used to get them a lot more when my memory was healthier about things such as dreams. It is a little creepy, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Everyone has to die of old age at some point.
• Cebu, Philippines
28 May 09
Well in my case sometimes my dreams came true unexpectedly... It happens to me a couple of times now. ANd yes I believe in premonitions
@Pose123 (21660)
• Canada
28 May 09
Hi HomeFlower, There are many things that we don't understand and I have heard many such stories. I feel that it may be possible that when we near the end of our journey here, the veil may be lifted for some people, if only for a moment or in your mother's case in a dream. This does not mean that she will die soon but that she has been given this knowledge to cheer here for her remaining months or years. The way I choose to think of such things is that "it is all a great mystery". Blessings.
@hanah87 (1835)
• Malaysia
28 May 09
Hi friend.I am sympathy for your mother.Maybe she is miss her mother and brother.I think we all miss people who leave us.Dream is just ream.We should not tell anyone about our dream untill after three days,we are allow to tell to other people.Dream can be true if we tell to other before three days.Believe me.
@adam1980 (517)
28 May 09
i am not sure weather i believe in things like this coming true or not but what i do know is that we all have our time here mapped out for us and when it is our time to go we will, not before and we wont stay longer than we should, your mom doesnt seem to be scared by this so you shouldnt be either, all our times will come one day and all we can hope for is that it is quick and peaceful when it does