Wild Wild West: Inventors are cool.

United States
May 28, 2009 2:21pm CST
So, my beau and I are sitting around watching the boob tube today and Wild Wild West comes on. Though I don't particularly like westerns, I do like comedies and I love Will Smith and Kevin Cline. My favorite part of the whole movie, other then neat special effects, is the ingenuity of whomever thought up these "Phineas Fog" kind of contraptions. A giant spider that shoots fire balls, then transforms into a train with a giant grappling hook? Its freakin' fantastic! Now, I've not seen every episode of the original series, but I have seen a few and I think that Mr. Smith was just as suave and funny as the original actor (Whom I don't recall though I should just go look it up on imdb. But I'm lazy. What are you gonna do?) Anyway, so that's my humble opinion... I am interested on others take of it. Do you think that it lives up to the series? If not what aspects bugged you? Thanks!
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