Should Euthalesia (Mercy Killing) Be Legalised??

May 28, 2009 6:47pm CST
It might sound harsh to some but I strongly feel that Mercy Killing should be legalised in all countries. There are instances when the person is so sick and suffering from ailments that it is better that he should die rather stay alive on artificial living system. For eg if a person has lost both his hands he is more of a dependent person for all of his needs.
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@tdemex (3545)
• United States
28 May 09
I lived in Oregon when this was up for a vote and there were a lot of pros and cons, generally the Dems. for and the Reps. against. I was on the fence, at first and eventually got on board for it. All the terrible things that the people predicted never happened and all the requirements they put on being able to do it made it a no brianer. There have hardly been many people able to do this! I took care of my mother and had to stand by and watch this great woman go down hill over a 6 year period to the point she was in a fetal position for the last 9 months and didn't even know the English language, it was a heart wrenching experience to say the least for 5 years the doctors gave her 1 more year to live. I was her oldest son and she didn't know my name for the lasr 3 years! What would you do! tdemex
• Cebu, Philippines
29 May 09
Ohh that's really hard for you for sure... And I'm glad to hear that your the one who took care of your mother.. unlike other people they just leave it to a nurse.. or caregiver
• Cebu, Philippines
29 May 09
I think thats "EUTHANASIA" just to correct because literally it has different meaning.And going back to the discussion, I think this should be legalize.. WHy prolong the agony right? And I think before execution of mercy killing there should have a consent from the immediate family. There should be a contract saying that they really authorized to do such thing like this. However, it will also contradict in the BIBLE right? Because only GOD can get your life, he's the one who gave you..your life. In my opinion, artificial system applicable only to those "capable" or "rich family" to a fact that it's very expensive to an ordinary family to get that kind of service. It will take a lot of money for medicines, the equipment and doctor's fee as well as other fees. That's the reason why we need to be practical. I know it hurts to hear it but some family would say it's better to keep the money for food than to pay those bills to dying person. If they let it die it's not really expensive unlike the patient spend so much time at the hospital and also the bills are running...til you get crazy over it.