Birth Control

Saint Lucia
May 28, 2009 8:16pm CST
i tried taking depo shots but it only made me gain weight and get fat.It also stop my period so i decided to stop after ten months.What do you think is the best method?
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@kelpie (190)
• United States
29 May 09
I used the depo shot for 2 years. It's supposed to stop your periods too. That was the only benefit. Quite frankly I was a B**** when on it. Not only that, but I grew hair where I most certainly did not want it to grow, my joints felt very unstable, I lost a lot of calcium, my hair on my head fell out more, and i was getting rashes on my skin where they would inject the shot in me. I have researched other methods, but I still think having a really annoying timer on my phone at 10pm at night everyday and the birth control pills is still, at least, my best bet.
• Saint Lucia
29 May 09
Thanks for your response but i hate the pill(never tried).I know i would forget to take it all the time so its not an option for me.The shots make me feel washed out everyday.
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
Im on injectables for 2 years now.The side effect I experience is that i don't get my monthly period.Other that that I don't experience anything anymore.But I got fat,but I don't think its because of the shots.
• United States
14 Jun 09
i am on the patch i tryed depo and the only thing that did is make me really sick i still got my period when i was on it and when i did my cramps where so bad i could not even walk., i tryed the pill but it didnt work for me because i would forget to take it . i like the patch i only have to worry about it once a week for 3 weeks then the 4th week i don't wear one b3ecause thats when you are supose to get your period . i can remember once a week but could never remember every day. but as far as the best method it really depends on the person because what might be best for one person my not be best for you so talk to your dr and then you two can find the best one for you.