Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

@faisai (1138)
Hong Kong
May 29, 2009 8:36am CST
I bet many of us has heard this before. So what do you think about it? Don't answer too quickly. Think through it for a moment first. When you are out of job, do you ask the government for aid immediately or do you look for a job immediately? When something bad happened, do you blame the government for not doing enough rather than fixing this on your own? Anyway, I am not asking about your view of this with respect to the government. But to a broader sense. When you are engaged in a relationship (it can be just friends or your family member or your wife/husband), do you ask why others are not doing their part before answering the question what you really had done for them?
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• United States
30 May 09
Ok, I'll try to answer this one. I was downsized--previously I was working at the only job that would hire me. I was there 25 hours a week, but a month ago they cut me to ten or less hours. Just about the time I found out, I began searching for a job (and as you are aware, there are some, but few and far between). Two weeks in I applied for partial unemployment benefits and was denied them (I think I angered the woman who was handling my case because I called to report them a day late and it went to her supervisor). But by then, I had another job (I start Monday) that is for more money and is much closer to home. I'm getting food stamps's only because of the state-wide financial crisis that I even get that though. I don't blame anyone--why waste time with that? So I was getting cut...when the store manager came to me and offered to write me a reference (why--the job's not even going on my resume?) and tells me the next day "you're a pleasant person but your personality clashed with the store", I just suck it in and think IT'S HIS LOSS. The man I've been involved with for five and a half years doesn't want to live with me, but he doesn't want to lose me either. I've had enough, and I'm going to start dating (that does not mean anything more than going out and maybe a kiss goodnight) because that's what I NEED. I just feel sorry for him that he can't realize that I'm a great person and that we can grow together. It's his loss and if I find another guy I want to spend my life with and vice versa, perhaps he'll realize it then. In the meantime, I'm looking out for me . I've tried to help him out when needed but he always says no, so I stopped offering my help.