Is paying?

May 29, 2009 10:30am CST
I started using this site 3 days ago and have already half a dollar, I heard that they were paying but these last months they are either not paying or are very late to, how much of that is true? I'm interested in buying premium membership and referrals so I need to know. It belongs to the paidclicks network which makes it kinda shady. Premium costs USD4.90 per month and with it you gain 0.015 for every add you click, there is a total of 15 ads on the site and in premium 20 so even with no referrals you could get 9 dollars with premium if you click all 20 every day, and you only pay 5, that's kinda alarming. They do say however that the payout rate increases by 5 dollars whenever you request payment so if you have been paid once, you can get paid when you have 10 dollars and if you've been paid twice you can request payment when you get to 15 dollars. So anyway, any thought/experiences to share when dealing with this site? I couldn't find payment proofs and the forum is down, I don't have proof that its a scam either
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