Researching before you post

@lisan23 (444)
United States
May 29, 2009 10:42pm CST
Why do people post topics with inaccurate information? And instead of someone reading the post, realizing that the person sites no legitimate sources, and researching the issue themselves they just hop on the bandwagon and believe it. The internet (especially message boards) isn't exactly the best place to get accurate information on current events or many other things. I'm naturally a skeptic, but it alarms me how many people just believe what they hear and read online. No looking into what their reading, no double checking to see if what's being said is right, it's all just taken at face value. I'd like to think we're all smarter than that, but is that too high of an expectation for people?
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• United States
30 May 09
Sadly this sort of thing is going to happen. People, well people are lazy. They sometimes get really close to people and when those people open their mouths, whatever they say is automatically true. Even if you have someone come along and point it out, directly to their face, they won't believe you. Even if you have accurate proof from a reputable resource, they won't believe you. I actually feel sorry for those people. I'm not sure how they get through life really, being so guillible.