Intimacy in Relationship

May 29, 2009 10:49pm CST
Hi there, Myself and my husband are newly maried couples.I find it difficult to understand all his likes and dislikes. Many of the relationships end in divorce just because of the lack of understanding between the couples. I am looking for some of the tips that any of the married couples can give on building up better understanding among each other. How do I know my husband better.....
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• Philippines
25 Jun 09
I have a question. Did you guys jump eagerly into marriage after meeting each other? Or were the two of you experienced the girlfriend and boyfriend stage? Because if the two of you became girlfriend and boyfriend first, isn't that the time to know your partner? How come you are not aware of your husband's likes and dislikes? Or are you aware before but ignore them? And now that you are married already, you cannot take it anymore? ANyways, those are only some of the questions that played on my mind when I saw your post. :) As for my advise, talk to your husband. Communicate what you really feel. COmmuication is the key here.
5 Jun 09
The only thing you can do is talk to him, get to know things about him. His interests, his past... Always be open to listening to him.