Which native animal would you like to see?

@maximax8 (30485)
United Kingdom
May 30, 2009 12:47pm CST
1. Lemurs in Madagascar 2. Penguins in Antarctica 3. Polar bears in Canada 4. Koalas in Australia 5. Dolphins in New Zealand Which on my list would you most like to see and why? Which other native animals do you think might live there?
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@tonyllenium (6260)
• Italy
3 Jun 09
i will be very curious to see live the penguins because i like very much this animals it seemed to me very funny and interesting also their way to live or just to walk they are very nice unluckly i never saw one live so it will be very nice if i will have the possibility to see some one day...but even koala and kangoo in australia seems very good to see live..and both naturally never saw before becaus ei live far from this continent and in my country they did not exist!!
@jakill (835)
4 Jun 09
It has to be dolphins, especially in New Zealand, a place I've never been to and would so like to see. I have seen all the others, but not in their natural habitat. Even the koalas I saw in Australia were in a wildlife park and people queued up to have a photo cuddling one, which I thought was pretty gross for the poor things.
@ptrikha_2 (24385)
• India
4 Jun 09
Hi , I like Penguins , Koalas and Dolphins . They are so cute and lovely and it seems that they would be quite friendly too. So,my first preference would be to see them . However;Polar bears would be fierce .So,It would be somewhat risky to go close to them . Regards
3 Jun 09
I would say from that list Koalas in Australia - I have alwasy wanted to see them up close and have already swam with dolphins twice so think this would be my next dream animal to meet! x
@kunking (1116)
• China
1 Jun 09
hi,maximax8! i like No.3-polar bears in Canada.coz bears are my favorite. other than that, i would like to see Penguins in Antarctica. Penguins are so cute and smart that will attracts a lot of eyes whenever and wherever we see them. also, i love pandas in China,too.
@marguicha (155594)
• Chile
1 Jun 09
I think I prefer animals in a zoo, providing the zoo has good conditions for the animals to live. That´s why I found very interesting the Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld. There are huge quantities of land so the animals are not caged as in many other palces. I have seen dolphins at the Caribbean this January. It was wonderful how they played near our boat. I have also seen peguins in the south of Chile. I would like to see a Koala: it´s the kind of animal you feel should be hugged.
• Philippines
31 May 09
I too like to see all what you wanted to see like penguins, dolphins, polar bears and koalas. In addition, I also like to see chipmunks, lions, and tigers. We dont have those here in our coutry. I like to see a really big lion. Lolz. But i dont want it to close to me. I just want to see real big lion. I'm not sure if there is really big lions bigger than human. But I saw a pic of big lion with people around him. Dont know if its a true pic.
@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
31 May 09
Those are very interesting animals you want to see... most of the ones that i like to see firsthand are found in Africa... like the Rhino, Zebra, Hippo, Lion, Elephant, and Lemur... i would also like to see the Platypus, Koala, Tasmanian Devil, and Kangaroo... these are all found in Australia...
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
30 May 09
I'm looking forward to feeding the dolphins at Monkey Mire in the ocean on the West Australian coast. Like most, I've done this in a pool environment, but in the oceal with untraines animals, that will be special.