How to stop corruption?

@biman_s (1060)
May 30, 2009 1:22pm CST
I live in India where corruption has eaten away almost everything. No matter what you do you will always find corruption in the system. I know this is a disgrace and we, the people of our country are responsible for this. What according to you is a good way to stop corruption? Do you think people care whether corruption stays or goes?
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@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
31 May 09
Hello,Biman! Corruption is rampant everywhere,but in India it is being practiced openly.Neither the giver hesitate to offer a bribe for getting his work done easily nor the receiver express his unwillingness to receive the bribe to show undue favour.It is a common practice in India.This practice we can't stop.thanx.
@Pose123 (21665)
• Canada
30 May 09
Hi biman, It is never easy to stop corruption in any country but probably more difficult in countries with large populations such as India. I do think that some people care and want to end the depravity. For most of us, the only thing that we can do is to be honest ourselves in all our dealings and teach others by example. I know that it seems very small but every change we want to bring about has to begin with us. The father of your nation, Mahatma Gandhi was without doubt, the greatest human being to walk this earth in centuries. People everywhere could learn much from his story and teachings. Most of us however, are not in a position to do such great things but we can make a beginning. Be determined to be honest in everything in life and when you have children teach them to do the same. Blessings.
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@surajben (262)
• India
6 Jun 09
Nobody would like corruption. The only way to get rid of corruption is to punish the people severely in the way that others get afraid.
@cybersoft01 (1287)
• India
2 Jun 09
Hi bimal, it is a question that has been haunting me for a long time. No participant in this discussion has said that it can be stopped. But I say it can be STOPPED. Tell me, do you really want to root out corruption from India?
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
31 May 09
There are various factors leading to corruption and greed plays a big part in helping it to spread and have a strong grip on society. Greed on the side of the person asking for it. Many of them can survive with the money they earn every month. But the attraction of other wordly products and entertainment, coupled with an opportunity to get easy money, sway many of those in power. Greed oh the side of the person giving it. The person strongly wants something, and the easiest way is to give some money to the people capable of making things done. On a personal level we should try to control our greed, and envious feelings on what others have. Giving bribes because many others are doing it perpetuates the crime. The punishment on those giving and receiving bribes should be heavy enough to deter people from doing it. This needs to come from those higher up in the government. No one should be spared punishment as what is happening in my country. all the best, rosdimy
@tonyllenium (6262)
• Italy
30 May 09 is quite impossible to stop corruption in a country or even in small system!!Corrupted people exists and they will exist forever!!In some cases these compromises are necessary to reach big goals or something link o i think it is so difficult nowadays stop it!! May be it is possible if a system completely stop and all start from zero...but i think that even in this case some corruption can born too!!corruption is link to a human being!!
@glesil_00 (1143)
• Philippines
30 May 09
Corruption is very common and everywhere there is corruption. Asking how to stop is that will require self practice. It will surely start in ones self, in the family, small groups to large group. Since we are in long practice of this not only in government, this is not easy and seems unresolved and can't be stop because we are already into this. Nowadays, i think people don't care for it anymore because they have nothing to do even if they want to stop it.