Have you ever watched the show "Snapped?" Here's what I think...

United States
May 30, 2009 9:21pm CST
I watch the show Snapped and I admit that the women that commit the crimes deserve their punishment. But it amazes me how on some of these cases the women take so much from their husbands and boyfriends and then when they finally SNAP they are considered crazy or psycho. But in all honesty these women are not psycho, a little extreme maybe but I wouldn't say psycho (well some of them aren't) A lot of times people don't look at the actions that caused the progression of these crimes. They have their comments here and there but regardless of what led up to it they can't get past the end result. It is sort of like it is with pit bulls. I have a pit and I love her to death, but they have a bad rep from ignorance. Let's say a person taunts or mistreats the dog and the dog does nothing. So the person continues until the dog snaps and defends itself. Then it turns into a "Mauling by vicious Pit Bull" but they will never look at what lead up to it. Just condemn the dog for the outcome. But don't get me wrong I can see this from different viewpoints and understand opposing viewpoints, but this is just how I feel. What about you?
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