How much you pay for your rents,and do think it worth it?

@SmilyQin (179)
May 31, 2009 2:08am CST
I just graduated and i got a job in a big city. My company offer us a dormtory which 6 people in one room,it's no way for me,so i rent a house in this big city. If u are live in big cities,u got to know,that the rents are always so expensive. I spent one thirds of my salary to pay for the rents each month,at first i think it is a little too expensive,maybe u thinks so too,but after live for a couple of days,i found myself enjoying this life,i live alone,although it is a small room,but at least i have a room for myself,no one disturb me like when i was in dorm,it is so nice ,and what's more after one got a home,i don't like to hanger out like before and i start to manage my room ,manage my life,all of this change mean a lot to me! Now i can tell u ,it is worth it!
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