crocheted socks?

United States
May 31, 2009 3:19am CST
there are millions of patterns for knitted socks, i know. however, i am a very inexperienced knitter and a very, very experienced crocheter (about 20 years of crocheting). i have purchased a crocheted sock book and a few single patterns, but none work up very well at all. i have found ONE pattern on line, it was free, that actually makes good crocheted socks. does anyone know of any other good crochet patterns for socks? i am obsessed by socks: looking at them, wearing them, folding them, making them, etc. i would like to have more crochet sock patterns that really do make socks.
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@Rhoadan (42)
• United States
1 Jul 09
I've had this pattern recommended to me, but I haven't tried it yet: Also, are you on Ravelry? They have a pattern search option that you might find useful. BTW, I'm craftywitch over there.
• United States
3 Jul 09
yes, i have looked on ravelry, and though they have about a million patterns for knitted socks i have not found any on ravelry for crocheted socks.
• United States
3 Jul 09
Interesting. I just did a search on "crochet socks" Ravelry, and got 25 pages. Also, are you aware that you can tell Ravelry to just search crochet patterns? Under the search box where it says "Personalize," you can tell it to search "knit + crochet," "crochet," or "knit." That pre-filters your results for you based on your preferred craft. Also, I just discovered that the advanced filtering options will let you filter by yarn weight, and you can filter by more than one weight at one time. Great for avoiding those worsted weight sock patterns that delusional designers think we want. Also, a suggestion for making your socks less stiff, try working in the front or back loop only where possible.
@jedopi (401)
• Canada
26 Jun 09
I haven't really found any crochet socks that I like that much either. I find that they are a lot stiffer than knitted ones, which I just recently learned how to make. You can try crochet pattern central. They have a lot of free patterns for socks there, maybe you will find one that you like.
• United States
28 Jun 09
ok, thanks! never heard of that site, but it sounds like something i would enjoy even if i can't find sock patterns.