what is the best thing to do when its raining?

@kaorulen (258)
May 31, 2009 4:38am CST
when its raining I'm not in the good mood to go out and hang with friends of course the street is dripping in wet. and i can also be wet right?. so when its raining i rather choose to be at home. and surf the net, also watch movie and have a plenty of snacks. you what do you do when its raining?
3 responses
• Philippines
28 Dec 12
What’s the best thing to do when it’s raining? Well, I sleep and keep myself snug also, its best in rainy weather to be at home with your family drink a cup of chocolate and spend some quality time with them.
@bubuth (1815)
• Philippines
13 Oct 12
I feel so lazy every rainy days and rainy season. All I want to do every rainy days is to stay at home. Because I'm so lazy, it is also hard for me to open the computer and surf in the internet. Most of the time when its rainy season I just watch on television and watch some movies until I feel sleepy and when I fall asleep, I take three hours up to five hours of sleep. I also eat a lot every rainy day.
@achinthya (1217)
• India
31 May 09
I also feel sick and dirty to go and walk in the street so I rather will be more comfortable at home eating the spicy hot pakora/ snacks made of gram flour.