Why wasn't it called racism when democrats blocked Miguel Estrada?

@Taskr36 (13923)
United States
May 31, 2009 11:52pm CST
I think it's pathetic the way democrats are yet again trying to play the race card with Sotomayor. The woman is being used as a tool by Obama so Democrats can get Hispanics to follow them the way black people do. I wonder if anyone remembers the way Democrats treated Miguel Estrada when he was nominated to the court of appeals by Bush. They didn't even have the decency to vote on his confirmation. Instead they filibustered because they were desperately afraid of letting a Hispanic in that wasn't a democrat. Now democrats like Chuck "Chump Change" Schummer are daring Republicans to oppose Sotomayor so they can call republicans racists. Of course none of these hypocrites are going back and calling themselves racists over what they did to Miguel Estrada. When a minority is a republican, racism is not only allowed, it's championed by the left.
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@ParaTed2k (22980)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
1 Jun 09
It's simple, it's ok (even encouraged) for Liberal politicians to be as sexist, racist, or otherwise bigoted as they want to be.