Hawaii's DOE cutting money

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June 1, 2009 1:41am CST
I know the economy is bad, but here in Hawaii, teachers are losing pay with benefits going up. Our governor is making some bad situations. She is making teachers not get paid for days that there are no students. So work days, waiver days, and vacations are unpaid. With that, the benefits are going up. So with our shrinking paycheck and an increase in payment for benefits, we are lucky to be able to pay our bills. I know Hawaii's teachers are one of the higher paid teachers, but that is compensated by the high living standard here. I feel that the governor is giving not only teachers the boot, but the future of our state.
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5 Jun 09
Unfortunately, this happens a lot, many teachers, police officers and EMT's are the first to feel the affect of an economic downturn, not the people in power who can afford the pay cut. I'd highly recommend talking with your union rep.
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9 Jun 09
Our union is not standing for this, but it looks like this is going to happen. Our school year is going to be cut and our pay is going to be cut.
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15 Jun 09
I am so sorry, that suck out loud, is there anything legally you can do?