hurry up harry

@Muffyy (12)
June 1, 2009 2:36am CST
I mean it was all well and good that they were going to postpone it because of the twilight movie but a whole year?????? Its been ages and im like going insane waiting for it hurry up harry! does anyone else agree with me? should they have postponed it so long or just a shorter time?
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@Sky889 (15)
• China
1 Jun 09
Whatever there are many good movies for us to slowly appreciate,if they pastpone the movie, it will be a loss to them, not us
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• United States
1 Jun 09
If they delay the movie it is not a loss to them sorry or at least not for this movie. People are going to go see Harry Potter whether or not it gets delayed a year or year and a half. It is actually a gain for them waiting to release it in the summer. Like I posted down some movies make more money in the summer time in america then they do in January/February/March time periods.
• Canada
2 Jun 09
Only 3 movies left!
• United States
1 Jun 09
The reason I think it was delayed until summer time is movies make more money in the summer time. They are not going to release in in February they are going to release it when kids are out of school and people are not working as much because of vacation and things. Movies make more money in July/August then they do in February/March.
• Pakistan
1 Jun 09
yes i agre-- 12 movies are enough in a year. so have to be postponed for little longer.
@lowres (45)
1 Jun 09
Have to agree, been waiting far too long for this, was looking forward to it before Christmas, can't believe how long it has been delayed. Just hope that it's good enough to not suffer from the waiting!!!