Is a scam site?

Hong Kong
June 1, 2009 3:24am CST
'Is a scam site?' This is a really interesting question. I'm not the first one to ask this question. In fact, many money earner online had asked this question. Some say is a scam site, while some say it is a honest site as neobux. What's the truth then? True, is keep paying to different people. There are many payment proof online, with many posted recently. On the other hand, there are many claiming that the site is not paying. Well, there is no proof if really didn't pay. Note that they claim that they are not receiving the money not because they are not waiting long enough, but they really cannot receive the payment where claims that they have paid. In my opinion, is a scam site, not in the sense that they are not paying, but they are not paying for EVERY member. I would say, is really clever if they are really a scam site. (Well, I don't know if they really is?) It keeps paying some money so that other will thinks that is still honest. Also, it pays after quite a while to make a hope for those who are not paid: 'May be a will be paid after a year?' When they found out they cannot receive their money after a year, have already have your one year click. Or may be you are lucky to be the one that can be paid. (Watch out if you have many referals?) Of course, I'm not sure if is really scam. These are just all my view ONLY. I'm just wonder why would a site have so many rumor on not paying but still survive for so long........ What's your view then?
2 responses
• India
1 Jun 09
not sure.. had tried this once but stopped soon... wasnt sure if it was worth the it..
@stanlee81 (381)
• China
1 Jun 09
It used to be a great site and then become a scame.I am also confused that some guy got payments form this site these days.Anyway,i've alreay away from it.