You are advise to quit one of these things , choose computer or cellphone?

June 1, 2009 10:42am CST
For me both things are important now a days. But we are oblige to choose one of these things what is the best thing you get out of the two? If the other one is shared to someone who also need this technolgy? I hardly find time to choose whats the vital for me , because all of these I want. Could you choose for me the best ? Why ?
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@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
1 Jun 09
I will choose cellphone. Even without a cellphone, you can still use the public phones or even paid phones available on the street if you really need to call out to somebody. The only problem is that people can't reach you when you are out there. But if you don't have computer, you are almost certain to be outdated really soon. The problem is that without a computer, you don't have access to Internet which means you don't have connection to the biggest database ever in history from which you can obtain all sorts of information you can think of. In this ear, information is the key to success and those who get hold of more information are having bigger advantages.
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• Philippines
24 Jun 09
Both are important for me but if have to choose only one of the two. I choose computer because in computer as long as I have internet connection I can communicate like cellphone by using yahoo messenger and any other communication tool available in the internet. I can install more software needed for my worn in computer than cellphone.
@williamjisir (22887)
• China
24 Jun 09
Both computers and cell phones are very useful tools that are available today. I like them both, but if I have to quit one, then I will probably choose to quit my cell phone and keep the computer. I get more fun and information from the computer. Even without a cell phone, I can still connect people by sending emails and chatting online. There are quite a few good chatting softwares like Yahoo Messenger, QQ, Skype and so on. They are so useful and effective for us to talk with anybody who is online and we can leave off messages to our friends as well...
• Philippines
1 Jun 09
I will choose computer. Because I use computer in my job also there are websites where you can send message thru another cellphone like the yahoo messenger. Having computer specially with internet in it is information on hand. You can do many things in computer like playing games, reading articles. programming. You can have a laptop if you want the computer to be portable.