do you have a best friend? how long have you been friends???

June 1, 2009 10:53am CST
One is good but having lots of best friends is Great!!! I can say that i have five??? And most of them are girls. My long companion as best friend took us 8 years till now. Glad i have one like him because we've been a lot of troubles. hehe =)
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• Indonesia
2 Jun 09
I have a female best friend. We have been good friends since 1990, so we've been friends for 19 years now. We are like sisters, I can tell her anything and she can do the same to me.
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
That's nice!!! =)
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
17 Jul 10
Well i am very selective at friends and so i have only one
• Philippines
4 Jun 09
I don't consider these people my best friends because I only have one best friend and that is Jesus.. But these people are just like best friends.. I have three and my first closest friend was Nirvan and we were friends since high school. It's about 9 years now and the second is Tara and our friendship has been 7 years now.. The number of years doesn't matter anyway it's just numbers but I have a very close friend named Katrina and she really best fits my definition of a best friend.. but still I don't consider her one because I promised myself I'll only have one best friend.. We've been friends since 1st year in college and that's about five years now and sometimes she can read my mind and I can read hers too.. maybe because of our super closeness that's why oftentimes we can understand each other. We never had major fight but we had a misunderstanding once.. Thanks and happy mylotting
@hellcowboy (7378)
• United States
4 Jun 09
This is a really good discussion because best friends are really important when it comes to peoples lives,since best friends often play a big roll when it comes to growing and learning,and I am sure that different people have different choices for their best friends,some people are best friends with their spouse,some people are best friends with their siblings,and others are best friends with people they met while they were in school,I have two best friends one of them is my fiance who I love with all my soul,she would do anything for me,she always makes me laugh,and she knows how to make me happy when I am sad,she is my soul mate,my lover,and my other half,and I could not live without her,and the other is a guy I met my senior year of high school,and when we found out we have the same birthday,we instantly became best friends,and we are still best friends til today,he would do anything for me,and I would do anything for him,and I even consider him my brother since I am an only child,and he considers me his brother,and we are always there for each other no matter what,and they are both gifts from God,and I am lucky to have them both in my life,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals,and Happy Posting.
@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
i have a best friend named daisy. we've been friends since we were 5 years old. naturally, as friends this long are, we already have our own lives since that friendship was almost going as long as 29 years .