Earned 37 cents/day!

United States
June 1, 2009 1:20pm CST
I usually make around 8 cents in a day, and once I got one cent, but yesterday I got 37 cents! I think that is a lot to earn in one day for posting discussion. I also earned $0.095 cents on NeoBux so I have earned $0.635 cents in one day! Thank you myLot and NeoBux to be the best combination of earning money :)
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• United States
1 Jun 09
Drew, Mylot definitely pays, and they pay pretty well sometimes. But one of the tricks is to make sure that your discussions dont get deleted. If the discussion is deleted you dont earn anything and you wasted your time. Make sure you check out the guidelines. One of the things myLot asks us not to do is discuss how much we earn. Good luck with your online earnings!
@hanah87 (1835)
• Malaysia
1 Jun 09
Congratulations to have make many money.I think you earn it well.It is good to get more cent in mylot by make little post.Maybe you can share your tips how do well in mylot.I make many post but still not reach high earning here.Do you post contain many line?I hope you can help me and share your tip how you get high earning in mylot with me.Thank you and i will appreciate your help.