Thats not my name

June 1, 2009 4:27pm CST
Two people this week have forgotten may name! It makes me really cross, I think if I have taken the trouble to learn your name, the least you could do is bother to learn mine. Someone called me Naomi, which is about as far as you can get from my name!Are you good at remembering names? Does it bother you when people forget your name ame ame ame?
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@mizandhk (156)
• Bangladesh
3 Jun 09
It doesn't bother me because of I can't remember once name for a long time if I not meet with him/her for a long period.
3 Jun 09
fair enough.
@catdla1 (6005)
• United States
2 Jun 09
I'm terrible with names, so I hope it's not me.... I remember all the names you don't like to be called, but to me you're Monte. I've always remembered faces and events, but names..if people didn't constantly call me by my name, I'd probably forget it. I married a man who never forgets a name, but can't remember anything else. Between us we make a great
2 Jun 09
no, it's not you :)
@tashakau (131)
• Canada
1 Jun 09
It does not bother men when people forget my name, because I often forget people names. However, I rarely forget a face, I am a busy person and I find it impossible to remember everyones name when I meet them, and yes often I ask them politely their name again and apologize because I do feel bad when I forget but I cannot help it, I guess I am forgetful. But if I forget someones name the first time then I make it a priority not to forget it a second time.
1 Jun 09
at least you try.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
1 Jun 09
I've got a pretty bad memory for names though I can remember faces. I sometimes even forget someones name even though I've known them for years So I end up frantically trying to remember the name while not giving away the fact that I've forgotten. What really irritates me though is someone who persists in calling my by a name other than my own even though they perfectly well know what my name is.
1 Jun 09
thats just plain rudeness!