If We Can Bail Out Industry, Why Can't We Bail Out Education?

@Aurone (4757)
United States
June 1, 2009 7:20pm CST
This is so not far, just when people need the services that Community Colleges Supply, the funding to these colleges. Here are some facts about the proposed cuts in the Community College system in California at least. State leaders project about a $24 billion deficit. This is not just a problem facing the state in 2009-10. If all the Governor’s proposed solutions were to be adopted, the state would still face a $15 billion shortfall in 2010-11. The Governor’s proposed $940 million in cuts would close access for 250,000 students statewide – more than the entire UC system. The state Community College system has already added more than 150,000 new students this year alone, but is not being funded for 140,000 of them. Proposed cuts to community colleges are disproportionate to K-12 schools, UCs and CSUs. The state is proposing a tuition fee hike for community colleges from the current $20 per unit to between $22 and $60 per unit. Proposed cuts to categorical programs (CalWORKS, EOPS, DSPS, Matriculation, and more) are expected to be $85 million statewide this 2008-09 fiscal year, which could close access to 50,000 disabled students. In 2009-10, $334 million in cuts are proposed. UC is the University of California System and CSU is California State University System. I am sure other states are experiencing cuts like this as well. So why is it we are cutting education funding just when people need it the most? Does that make any sense to you?
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@mensab (4203)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
it is really unfortunate that these cuts to education is happening. i agree with you that if the government can bail out industries, why not education? the government has given out billions of dollars to industries which committed corporate mistakes. why bailed them out? the argument was that they are too big to be allowed to fail. but if we allow our state education system to fail, is our future as a country not too big enough to be allowed to fail? it does not make sense to me.
@Aurone (4757)
• United States
2 Jun 09
Part of why we are in the mess is because we export nothing but debt. And part of the reason that is, is because our education system is so shoddy that we have stopped becoming innovators. We really should be supporting all of our education system instead of failing companies who are giving out bonuses, it would benefit our country more in the long run.