Life of a Family Caretaker...Please Pray!

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June 2, 2009 3:22pm CST
Hey everyone at I have been away for some time as I am continuing to have to act as a 40+ male taking care of my mother who was diagnosed two years ago with a blood disorder that will be her ultimate demise. She has COPD, arthritis, Carotid Artery Disease and has to take on more medication than I can imagine. I am well aware that I am not the only one, but what really gets me is that my wife has to live with her mother (approx. 10 minutes away) as she also has to be with her while her father is ailing in a local nursing home. Here is my dilemma. I have worked all of my life and have worked hard. I am now committed to assisting my mother with home health care, taking her to the doctor, etc., etc. She just turned 79. I would love for her to be around for her 80th birthday, but I am not so sure that she will be. My dilemma is this: I have a car that is ready to go to pasture. My last one was destroyed in an accident where someone hit it while it sat in front of my apartment (two days before presidential elections). No job is available for someone in my shoes. What, for those who are in my shoes, or have been in my shoes, do you have in way of what you are doing or have done to make bills? What kind of advice can you give me? I am running out of options and would like to get some sincere, yet, constructive criticism. I have weighed the options of placing her in a nursing home but they are not as well run as I would like for them to be. They also take more money from those afflicted than they should. Let's discuss. I am doing freelance writing and internet marketing and working on a second self-published book. I really do not know anything else that I can do. If you are from Georgia, this would be helpful to discuss. Thanks a bunch!
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@PeacefulWmn9 (10422)
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2 Jun 09
Have you checked with Georgia's Aid services to see what financial help might be available from the state for one in your position? I would do give them the details and see what is available. Also check with local churches and other places that might be willing to bring in food. Do you have a commission on aging in your area? Or have you checked with a local hospice? There are many sources of help around us. Sometimes, it is just a matter of finding them. Best wishes and prayers, Karen