Did you ever stand in front of cashier with no money on the wallet?

@caesarin (1089)
June 2, 2009 7:40pm CST
Never did to me. At least I had a little cash though small money to pay for what I've bought. Some times I also use credit card, just when I really don't have cash or I plan to use the cash for others. So it never happened to me that I didn't bring any cash or credit card in front of the cashier.
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@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
3 Jun 09
No, I had never experienced such situation. It is my habit to check that I have the money in my wallet before actually going to make a purchase. Also, I tend to maintain a certain level of cash in my wallet. That is, if I had bought something by cash, I will usually draw out some cash from the ATM soon to recover to the cash level and therefore I don't need to run into those embarrassing situations.
@caesarin (1089)
• Indonesia
6 Jun 09
Hi faisai. Thanks for sharing. I think what you're doing is a good idea for everyone. To maintain a cash level in your wallet. My earnings are not for sure yet, so I can't maintain a certain amount of cash in my wallet yet. But thanks for the idea.
@galileo2008 (1146)
• Philippines
6 Jun 09
Haha! I had a funny experience of not having an extra amount of money in my wallet. WHen I was about to pay for the goods from the local market, I didn't notice that my money was in my other bag which I left at home, and never did it occur to me that I was only carrying a purse with loose change inside. Good thing I called up my sister and she took care of everything. What a shame!
@arcidy (5015)
• United States
5 Jun 09
once but then I found it in my car wich I was embarassed because I was searching all of my pockets and you really dont know what to say when that happens especially when there are a lot of people behind you wich makes it more embarassing at least to me it does.
@coffeebreak (17815)
• United States
4 Jun 09
i'm pretty careful with my money and all... but there has been a time or two when using my debit card with PayPal and I thought i was sure of the amount on the card.. and the cashier says it is denied... I say "but I know there's money on that" or something like that and I always think.."how many times has she heard that!" or think "she's probably thinking.. Yeah, sure you did!" or something like that.... I just gave another card or cash but still.. I know I was right, and normally I could care less what others think about me... but it is annoying for that to happen cause I am careful and I always check my available balance. This just happened last week and the store denied my card and I was positive I had more than enough cause I just that morning before i left... checked my balances. I called PayPal when I got home, and they said no, it wasn't my fault as I have plenty of money to cover the charge (they knew which transaction it was) and said that it was the stores fault.. they input something wrong, or maybe their system doesn't accept that card or something. I just now know not to use my PP card at that store!