Are you nervous when speaking in front of mang people?

@Avaliu (24)
June 2, 2009 9:38pm CST
Yesterday I had my English class,it was my turn to do a report.I was so nevous that I couldn't remember what to say.This is my flaw.I don't know how to overcome.Maybe I should talk more times.
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@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
3 Jun 09
Whoever would say that they aren't a bit nervous is lying. There will always be nervousness when speaking in front, but the more you do so, the faster you recover from it during your speech. Yeah, practice makes perfect, but the thing that is most important here is presence of mind and to know what you are talking about. Research more for possible questions so that you can come prepared. I am a trainer and I know how it feels to be put in the spotlight, but the good thing about my field is that I always keep it in mind that presentations are more of the body action than the words itself. Not to mention that most people don't really know nor notice if I make a mistake or such. So good composure and presence of mind is highly important. Plus, being ready for questions. Take it easy, remember that they too would feel nervous when in front of an audience.
@Avaliu (24)
• China
3 Jun 09
Thank you very much for your suggestion.It really works though I haven't tried.I should pay most attention to my presentation,not be affected by the audiences.