Quick fix society--that's where we are living in

@akifu622 (102)
June 3, 2009 12:45am CST
This morning,I studied a text at a literature lesson and the article's name is Quick Fix Society.I am kind of in sympathy with the author.She reveals that nowadays people are desperate to save time. They choose fast food,take fast pictures,take fast lanes instead of enjoying the natural beauty in the slow lane,use elevators,read condensed digests,listen to compressed classic music,reduce the family time to "quality time" which more often than not,is no time at all,rush into a fast convenient store instead of wasting time picking up in a supermarket,withdraw and deposit money through an ATM rather than stand in line at the bank,and hurry to the medicine cabinet for fast relief when feels under the weather....And despite we are so good at saving time,we've no idea how to spend time.What are we going to do with all these time we've saved,rushing out to save more?People are in a obsession. You see,the internet,the high pace of development in this centuary have brought about superficiality instead of thoroughness,now instead of later and faster instead of slower.Our life style has been mechanized and simlified to a hurried mode. It's crazy,isn't it? Globlization and communication technology make this world smaller;people in different areas,different hemisphere can get contact in a minute.A widely-accepted way of life has spreaded over and influenced gradually.Perhaps,finally,we will lose all the diversity,except those we're born with,such as the color of skins,the blood flowing in your body... Of course,I don't object to progress ;I just think how can we balance life with all these development,for example,we are not being tied to the Internet but we are capable to get away from it and make the most of it .
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@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
3 Jun 09
I don't have a trouble on seeing something that can be completed quickly to actually completed quickly. Put it this way, would you still today prefer to travel to another continent as a tourist for a weak by using the sea which ca easily eat up your whole holiday? If all you want is to deposit money into your own account and that can be achieved at no time by an ATM, why you should wait at the line until somebody is free to serve you? You asked what people are doing with the time saved. You should actually ask what people are doing with their time at all. Some people just do not have enough time to do everything they want to do. They can read a long novel. They can play a tennis game. They can go to the countryside. They can xxx (please kindly fill in the blank).