@haqueen (236)
United States
June 3, 2009 4:52am CST
i dont feel a thing,my friend opver here so me writing this discusion and she was amazed ..i means i even dont remember i got a thing in mybody sometime i just feel ok wtah do you think i my normal oer i should check out with my doctor as soon as posible
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@4mymak (1795)
• Malaysia
4 Jun 09
what is the big deal ??... i think you should be proud that you're still a virgin.. why must young girls think that being a virgin means that you're not popular with boys, no guys like you or they dont 'desire' you ?.. and therefore you're not normal?.. definitely not.. i think it is absolutely normal.. the girls who think it is not normal to stay a virgin are the ones who need to see a doctor..
@Mathiaes (91)
• Denmark
3 Jun 09
well, if you don't "feel it" or are ready yet, then you shouldn't rush into it, it's stupid rushing into things..but when you know you're ready you should find the one you want to be with the first time, or else it's usually just gonna be weird for you