Is Akon a Muslim?

@mbs2323 (254)
June 3, 2009 2:09pm CST
I've heard this long time ago but just find it hard to believe.
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3 Feb 12
he cannot be a muslim... Islam forbid music and here he is a singer? ... it doesn't make sense ... Islam doesnt teach Muslims to go around doing what he does with women in music videos ... the language he speaks " I wanner **** you " ... he isn't ... if he is , he is indeed a pure disgrace !
• India
10 Jun 09
i think all this are just rumours which have spread that akon is muslim. but the fact is fact akon is not muslim, actually he is christian because no muslim called akon.itz a christian name and secondly he used to wear cross which clearly shows that he is not muslim but the follwer of jesus christ.