Having Some Issues With My PayPal Account....

United States
June 3, 2009 3:48pm CST
So in recent times I have been having some problems with my PayPal account. Namely being that PayPal has limited my account and at the moment I am unable to do things such send and, more importantly, receive money. Initially it said I had to submit three pieces of information: update password and security questions and confirm my location. The first two I did without a problem. When I tried to have PayPal call me to verify location, whoops, can't do that with a cell phone. And since that's ALL I have, the page in my PayPal account said I would receive a letter containing a security code to verify my location. That finally came in the mail yesterday. Thinking that I would finally have the limitations removed, I entered the code. Today I find out that for some reason, that is not enough. Now I'm told that I'll also need to further verify my location by uploading or faxing an official document further proving my location such as a bill or what not that has my name on it. Long story to get me to my question, but here we go. It got me to thinking. If, for whatever reason, the limitations are STILL there come payout day, what's going to happen to the money I earned last month and will be getting? Will it just go back to my Mylot account until next month? Do I just lose it completely?
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@justinus (1110)
• Karawaci, Indonesia
4 Jun 09
I got the same problem, then I sent complains through pyapal site (contac-us menu) I was desparete also and let them after followed thier instructions and didnt resolved. But after several days, perhaps two weeks while I already forgot my paypal account which was only consist $2, I got e-mail that my account already resolved and I can login again as usual. perhaps you have to wait for seceral days. good luck.
@bibyajay (27)
• India
4 Jun 09
Hello Darth! Mostly with limited access to Paypal a/c you won't be able to withdraw the money in it; you can receive funds. I had a similar trouble a few weeks ago. If your a/c is having limited access, you can see a link to the resolution center. There you will see what to do to remove the limitation. They may be asking for Photo ID Proof & Address Proof. For Photo Id you can use the scanned copy of your passport or Driving License For Address Proof you can use a recent bank statement. Upload the files and the limitation will be removed in 8 to 10 hrs. Don't worry you won't loose any money. If you are told that you can't receive funds, then the payouts will be safe back at myLot. I hope the issue get resolved soon.
@nimzia (388)
• India
4 Jun 09
I also have a paypal account if you don't start the account or is it a new account you creating.then please first read their terms and conditions......i have no problems till now igot 50$ the previous month.........pls try to make a good attention to the terms..no money will lost if you have no such an account.it will return back to your mylot account...........Don't worry try again by asking them what happened for you through contact us form
@raydogze (42)
• United States
4 Jun 09
Your money is safe with myLot just contact a moderator here and see how you can get a check maybe as form of payment instead of paypal.
@boogerman (1548)
• Philippines
4 Jun 09
Hello, DarthJustice! Well, I also use my phone in surfing the net but I do not open my paypal account with it. Using a proxy browser such as cell phone in accessing paypal account will cause the account to be limited. My friend also experienced that his account was limited because he opened it through his phone and told me not to open my paypal account through cell phone or other proxy browsers. Having the account limited will suspend the user from accesing it for a period of time. Anyway, I don't know how to recover it right away. So the next time, you should access your paypal account with a computer so it will not get suspended or limited again. Happy mylotting!